All notable changes to SandPaper will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • added “last commit” GitHub badge
  • added CONTRIBUTING documentation
  • added GitHub templates for issues and pull requests

0.0.6 (2017-12-15)

  • added functionality for a row_filter callable specified during apply
  • added keep_columns record rule
  • added built-in Sphinx theme (borrowed from pocoo click)
  • fixed __json__ export warnings with callables

0.0.5 (2017-11-03)

  • added enforcement for strict date parsing in translate_date rule
  • added rename_columns and order_columns record rules
  • fixed the naming of add_columns and remove_columns
  • fixed the messy structure of all rules (cleaner and more intuitive use)
  • fixed documentation to match new rule structure
  • fixed all existing tests to match new rule structure
  • removed the substitute value rule (utilize translate_text instead)
  • removed extraneous badges from README and documentation index

0.0.4 (2017-10-26)

  • added a better badge provider for PyPi package status
  • added support for a sheet_filter applied to both value rules and record rules
  • added precompilation of filter regexes before application
  • added rule application statistics which is now returned from apply in a tuple (output_filepath, output_statistics,)
  • removed callable filters causing exporting and loading errors (just ignoring callable filters for now)

0.0.3 (2017-10-25)

  • added more badges to documentation and the README
  • fixed (hopefully) the building of documentation for
  • fixed README example with an example that acutally makes sense

0.0.2 (2017-10-24)

  • added even more badges to the README
  • added documentation improvements (linking rules to function references)
  • added several small improvements to the tests (better code coverage)

0.0.1 (2017-10-24)

  • added README formatting fixes for PyPi
  • fixed the PyPi configuration issues in

0.0.0 (2017-10-24)

  • added the project’s base structure (wish i could include change logs for prior structure updates)
  • fixed the project’s base structure for PY2 compatability